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APUSH Out of Many Chapter 14 notes - 2593 Words

Chap 14-The Territorial expansion of the United States A. Community: TexansTEJAOS â€Å"Remember the Alamo.† 1. 1836, Santa Anna(President of Mexico) came to subdue Texas-1,500 Mexican died, Texas defenders(failed)- â€Å"remember the Alamo† eventually forced Santa Anna to recognize Texas independence. 2. Tejanos(S. Texans)-favored A. Settlers for their economic plan-authorized A. Colonies w/in Texas(central/ east)-attracted ppl from Miss. Valley-introduced slaverycotton-Tejanos, both wealthy rancherospoor cowboy/tenant farmer(vaqueros/peones). 3. Politicalsocially unstable first after revol. At 1821-Liberals favored loose federal union but strong states-Texas(not a state) favored local control-Liberals controlled Mexican†¦show more content†¦In particular. 2.After Panic of 1837, more convinced that prosperity depended on trade w/Asia-looked for W.harbor (Puget Sound in Oregon, San DiegoFrancisco at Mexican controlled CA)-Sullivan was Democrat-supported expansion,but Whigs opposed itfavored industrialization bc fear expansion of slavery. 3.Democrats also feared industrialization welcomed by Whigs-viewed as economic depression-Panic of 1837 caused by uncontrolled growthsocial unrest-seek for TJ’s agrarian society to balance(also bc many were S. Who practiced cotton production)-Average farmers moved for land hunger,national pride,curiosity, sense of adventure. The Overland Trials: 1.Overland Trail from Missouri R. To OregonCA long,dangerous,tediousexhausting-separated from familyhomeland-still streamed to W.(5Ã¥ Æ'to O,3Ã¥ Æ'CA in 184548)-bc provided economic opportunities healthy surrounding(appeal to panic of 1837malaria stroke farmers), also bc men seeking for sense of adventurewomen seeking for ideal home-travel in group bc fear of nativesneed help passing rivermt- often elected a leader of the â€Å"train†-democratic but not accepted unanimously- everyone had to accept benefit/bad of new community. 2.Route dangerpoorly supplied(mtriver),worst in way toward CA-(Sierra Nevada-Donner party- cannibalism)-wagons endangered by illnessaccident-Indian attack-few, but whiteShow MoreRelatedBoyer Dbq Teacher Guide10764 Words   |  44 Pagesstudents will probably conclude that England’s efforts were most successful, though students should not be penalized for other conclusions, provided that they provide a persuasive rationale. Note the limits of the question in terms of place and time. Discussing the sugar colonies in the West Indies would be ruled out by the phrase â€Å"eastern seaboard of North America.† While the question focuses on colonies established prior to 1660, the documents refer to some things that happened later and a student couldRead MoreApush Notes: Conquering a Continent 1861-1877 Essay2517 Words   |  11 PagesCheyanne Ervin APUSH, Period: 2 Ms. Check 14 January 2013 Chapter 16: Conquering a Continent, 1861-1877: * Essential Question: What factors helped advance the integration of the national economy after the Civil War? Section 1: The Republican Vision: * Integrating the National Economy: * Reshaping the former Confederacy after the Civil War supplemented a Republican drive to strengthen the national economy to overcome limitations of market variations that took place under previous Democratic

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