Thursday, July 25, 2019

China and the Bull-run Stock Market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

China and the Bull-run Stock Market - Essay Example The paper tells that the entry of Chinese economy into the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001 is, no doubt, a significant event in the history of a world economy. It has given a boost to the pace of reform and opening up. The Sino economy has gathered further momentum. That was the reason that Chinese economy registered a real GDP growth of phenomenal 9.5 percent in 2004. China's status of "world factory" is the result of that impressive growth show. The excellent performance of economy paved a way to massive capital inflows and pushed country's foreign exchange reserves to more than 600 billion dollars in 2004. Where there is much to celebrate for Chinese, all is not well with this elephant economy of the world. If we analyzed then we came to know that China's bond market comprises of two major markets: the inter-bank bond market and the exchange market. Subsequent to further than ten years of expansion, China's bond market has turned out to be a multi-layered one in which the i nter-bank market plays the most important position, complemented by the exchange market. According to the expert analysis, China's soaring stock market is at risk of "a market correction" that could have a knock-on result on its whole banking system, the OECD said yesterday, adding its voice to a litany of bearish warnings on the country's split prices. The hazard has arisen despite enlargement of nearly 11 percent last year and a predictable speeding up in customer expenditure ahead, the Paris-based Organization for financial collaboration and growth said. No doubt, Chinese stocks seesaw in trade but shrugged off the caution from Mr. Greenspan and one more from the market watchdog. The Shanghai compound Index healthier its balance after an early fall of as much as 2 percent, to close down 0.54 percent at 4,151.13 points. Previous, it hit a record intraday high before Mr. Greenspan's comments turn out to be extensively known. Turnover in Shanghai a split was a huge 247.4 billion yua n (16.4 billion), the second-highest numeral to date. Though, neither the government declaration nor Mr. Greenspan's warning had any real collision on an investor's eager to income from the market's bull run. The most investors sight as strange the idea that the Government, which motionless wields enormous pressure over fund flows during administrative steps, would permit a crash. Analysts said that the marketplace might merge gains for a few days before resuming its scale. If the bubble were to pop, it could have a better impact on communal stability than any previous slump in the stock market's 16-year the past. There are now additional than 91m accounts held by individuals at brokers or in joint funds. Estimates for the number of investors differ extensively. At the height of the last marketplace boom, in 2001, there were 60m accounts but maybe fewer than 10m investors. There are surely lots of millions more now.

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