Friday, July 26, 2019

CSR - corporate social responsibility Assignment

CSR - corporate social responsibility - Assignment Example While critics indicate that CSR is mostly a self-interest and PR practice with no benefits to the society (Margolis and Walsh, 2003), supporters of the concept believe that it provides value for businesses, societies and ecosystems (Porter and Crammer, 2006). According to Haigh and Jones (2006), CSR has great potential as a strategy for value addition both business and the environment if two important conditions are achieved. The first condition is that CSR has to be integrated in the company’s core strategy while the second condition is that the company should be able to monitor the additional values resulting from the CSR. Manufacturing companies, like all other businesses, have embraced the concept of CSR for its benefits. CSR is particularly important for manufacturing firms because of the impact of their activities on the environment which have been associated with pollution and climate change. Over the past two decades, CSR strategy for environmental sustainability has been made a legal requirement for manufacturing companies in most countries (Smith, 2010). One of the companies that have been affected by this is Nokia Siemens Corporation. The company has had to come up with CSR strategies both for meeting legal requirements and for its own benefits, this paper examines the CSR strategy of Nokia Siemens Corporation, benefits of the strategy, one environmental concern it has to cope with and strategies for dealing with it. Nokia Siemens Corporation has one of the most detailed and globally recognized CSR strategies for the environment which basically touches on two important areas, products and services. Every year, the company continues to search for various possibilities for reduction of the environmental impact of its devices ad operations at each and every stage of their product life cycles (Nokia Siemens Corporation, 2012). The company largely focuses on material usage, energy efficiency, manufacturing processes, and recycling. According

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