Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Workplace Incivility

Select and complete one (1) of the following assessments from your text: †¢ Box 8. 2: Workplace Incivility Scale I selected this exercise since my organization recently had a change in leadership at the highest levels. I thought to compare/contrast the Incivility Scale under the old and new regimes. I concentrated on my interactions with my superiors. | |Old Leadership |New Leadership | |Put you down or was condescending to you? |Yes. This was a frequent occurrence at staff |No. | |meetings | | |Paid little attention to your statement or |Yes. This was a frequent occurrence at staff |No. | |showed little interest in your opinion? |meetings | | |Made demeaning or derogatory remarks about you? |No. The boss always separated his professional |No. | | |feelings from personal ones. He frequently | | | |would question you professional competence, but| | | |would not cross the line into a personal | | | |attack. | | |Addressed you in unprofessional terms either |Yes. This seems to be at odds with the above |No. |publically or privately? |statement, but these did not seem to be a | | | |personal attack. | | |Ignored or excluded you from professional |No. This does not really apply in my situation|No. This does not really apply in my situation| |camaraderie? |because of the differences in ranks. |because of the differences in ranks. | |Doubted your judgment on a matter over which |Yes. Was very vocal about it during staff |Yes. This still occurs at staff meetings, but | |you have responsibility? |meetings. |with a different tone. It is not so much a | | | |doubt in judgment, but more of an â€Å"are you | | | |sure† second check. | |Made unwanted attempts to draw you into a |No. We never had this sort of relationship. |No. We never had this sort of relationship. | |discussion of personal matters? | | | | | | As can be seen above, there have been a wholesale change in the leadership style in my organization. Everyone that has been promoted to a leadership position has had to attend at least one Leadership Continuum (more likely, he has attended at least five). One of the core concepts that is taught is the theory to â€Å"Praise in Public, Shame in Private. It has constantly amazed me how many leaders never picked up on that lesson. I try to embrace that lesson with my subordinates in all of my interactions. With the new leadership in place, we seem to produce the same output as before, but with a hi gher morale level. The new boss still challenges your professional judgment to keep you on your toes, but it is accomplished in a far less confrontational manner. In conclusion, It seems as if the Incivility Scale for my organization has shifted significantly in the â€Å"civil† direction [pic]

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