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Personal life mission statement Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal life mission statement - Assignment Example The present paper is an attempt to produce a mission statement regarding my views and ambitions to be observed and carried out in my personal and professional life. The paper will also elaborate the social and moral values, my personal beliefs, social role and domestic obligations and responsibilities Part I Moral Values: Definitions Being the true follower of Christian faith, I strictly adhere to the code of moral ethics described in the Holy Bible. These moral principles include truth, justice, compassion, sacrifice, love, and humility. In addition, creating comforts for others and abstaining from harming and hurting the humans as well as other creatures come under the definition of adopting compassion and morality (Hollis 124–25). Truth Truth simply stands for depicting and adopting reality and actuality based on facts by presenting the exact scenario of a situation. While dwelling on the significance of truthfulness, it is evident that faith (New International Version, Lev . 19.11–14) and social values strictly lay stress upon providing a correct and accurate account of the events taking place within one’s natural, physical, and cultural environment. Abstaining from lies and exaggerations also falls within the definition of truth. Justice Justice refers to implication of impartiality and righteousness while reaching a conclusion or making a decision; similarly, dealing with others on the principles of equality and fair play without applying bias or prejudice may as well be referred to as justice. Individual Autonomy Individual autonomy simply means having personal freedom and liberty of expression and movement. In other words, individual autonomy seeks to allow people to exercise their abilities and get involved in activities of their choice provided the activities are not detrimental or harmful to others. Part II I strictly believe in speaking the truth and producing the exact scenario of a situation without having any fears with regard to the consequences. I unconditionally argue in support of preserving honesty and ingenuousness in one’s personal and professional life instead of concealing the truth under the pile of deceit. Sometimes, one has to pay a ransom amount for observing integrity, honesty and straightforwardness; somehow, I am determined to reveal the truth whenever I obtain an opportunity of exercising the same, even if it hurts someone very close to me. I would be open in my personal and professional relationships, and would never deceive my family, friends, associates or other members of society by shaking their trust they have developed in my personality. Identical with truthfulness, justice also enjoys a respectable position in my heart and mind. Being a rational, well-groomed, highly-educated and socialized person, I aim to treat all humans on the foundations of equality and fairness. Hence, instead of demonstrating any ethno-racial, regional, religious, gender-based or other prejudice, I am determined to make my decisions without having bias, grudge or the background of people, while living and working in a multinational and multicultural environment. I personally believe in granting of the freedom of thought and action; nevertheless, I would not allow others to practice the things that are in sharp contrast to the social norms and religious, moral and ethical values. Consequently, I will not support prostitution, gambling, extra-marital cohabitation and other immoralities being witnessed by people in the name of freedom and individual autonomy. Not only will I never observe injustice of any kind, I also am resolute to resist and discourage such actions. Consequently, I will attempt to add my share in the construction of a balanced and just atmosphere all around me. Part III Social Roles It is a reality beyond suspicion that social norms, moral values,

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