Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Find your own topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Find your own topic - Essay Example This law protects the interest of businessman, government, society and all the stake holder to that interest. This law is procured by the congress to regulate certain interstate commerce. All the statutes put in the codified form in the United States Code. Also many statutes give the power to executive branch agencies to create regulation which generally published into federal register and codified into Code of federal regulations. Under the Chevron doctrine regulations carry the force of law. Under the principle of stare decisis many lawsuit turn into meaning of a federal statue or regulation. Legal force been carried out on judicial interpretation of such meaning. In federal constitution like the military, money, foreign affairs (especially international matters), tariffs, intellectual property (generally copyrights and patents), mail there were an express grant of power to the federal government, this was specially focused during 18th and 19th century. After the start of 20th cent ury broad interpretation of commerce and spending clauses applied on various sectors like aviation, telecommunications, railroads, pharmaceuticals, antitrust and trademarks. Certain areas like railroads, aviation federal government has developed some comprehensive schemes that interpret virtually all kind of state law, but in case of family law relatively small number of people interacts with large amount of state law in interstate and international situation. For employment law, trademark and antitrust case both federal and state law coexist. But for some areas like insurance congress refused to enact any laws as those areas are covered by state laws. II. LEGISLATION. Federal regulation are created by the method called rule making. Public consult is necessary for creation, modification or if deleting is necessary for any rules from the Federal Regulation Code for federal agencies. Code of Federal Regulation is a yearly publication where complete list of the Regulations of Federal A gencies available. When a regulation needs to be add, change or delete then the consecutive agency should published a propose rule in the Federal Register for the public opinion. After an agency verified the public opinions and changes been implemented then that agency can publish the new rules of federal register and mention the dates from when law should be effective and enforceable. But after final rule of comment agency should always response and describe to any public queries. On the other hand state laws are different types, it only applicable to the people who lives in the state. Here state legislatures create a bill and pass it to governor for sign it, and when governor sign it transform into a law. Again there are state court who can reject the law if they do not agree with the state’s constitution. The Law Library of Congress having a library guide for each and every state which helps public to find different state’s individual laws and regulations. III. RATI ONALE. Congress has the power to regulate interstate and international commerce. That is why they had to prevent any deceptive or fraudulent action been taken by one to achieve economic advantage in a particular market over others. This is a reasonable approach from congress to undermine the free-market economy of the United States. Business has a direct impact on society and cultural values. Every business in any given market has the equal right to develop a unique product or service

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