Thursday, August 29, 2019

Marketing report based on industrial analysis Essay

Marketing report based on industrial analysis - Essay Example wing issue that needs to be addressed: due to the high competition in local market managers in Burger King should have alternative marketing tools available. This means that if the positioning of the firm’s products/ services in India is not successful then the re-positioning of the firm should be attempted by emphasizing on different market segments, as explained analytically below. Marketing, as a process, is rather complex. In the literature, emphasis is given to three elements of this process: ‘a) the marketing mix; these are the elements of each firm’s marketing plan; b) the market forces and c) the matching process’ (Payne & Frow 2013, p.12). The above elements of the marketing process interact in the following way: in the context of the marketing mix each organization identifies the criteria that its marketing plan has to meet. Then, the marketing plan is structured accordingly, i.e. it is designed in such way that these criteria can be met. At the next level, the forces that the organization has to face in each market are identified; emphasis is given to those forces that can affect the organization’s marketing plan. Finally, using the matching process the managers of the organization are able to align the marketing plan with the market forces, so that the success of the plan is secured, as possible. Marketing orientation is a term used for showing the alignment of ‘all the activities of each organization with the needs of its customers’ (McCabe 2010, p.117). According to Palmer (2012) in order for a business to promote marketing orientation the following term needs to be met: the business should be fully aware of the needs of its customers, of the performance of its competitors and of the capabilities of its employees. By focusing on marketing orientation Burger King would be able to attract many customers and to set the basis for significant growth in the Indian market. Moreover, the costs of marketing orientation for Burger King could be

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