Monday, August 26, 2019


PAPER ON OBAMACARE FROM LIBERTARIANISM AND UTILITARIANISM STAND POINTS - Essay Example The care act would also bring a transformation in the US health care system which is necessary in containing costs. Obamacare from the utilitarianism view point Utilitarianism can also be referred to as the greatest happiness principle. According to this theory, an action can only be right if it promotes happiness to a large number of people (Sandel 200). The intrinsic value for this theory is happiness. The happiness of every one counts equally, and a moral action is the one which brings about the best outcome of all the available outcomes. From utilitarianism point of view, the Obamacare is morally right and morally wrong. The advantages of Obamacare to the US citizens are more than the disadvantages. Obamacare has had positive consequences on the lives of the US citizens and more so the poor and the middle income earners. The advantages of Obamacare include improved quality of health care, low costs of healthcare, new benefits and improved safety. A consequentialist would say that Obamacare is morally right as it maximizes the good part of it to the citizens of that country. Obamacare stands for things which are worthy promoting and pursuing when it comes to the issues of universal health care putting into consideration that health care is an vital part of human living. Obamacare also stands for the right actions and policies all which are in favor of its citizen’s well fair (Sandel 140). The greatest happiness of the people of USA obtained from Obamacare is the measure of right. Healthy living for the USA citizens is considered by utilitarian’s as part of happiness Obamacare is also morally right as it leads to a reduction in pain and an increase in pleasure which is part of the overall utility enjoyed by people. The fact the costs of drugs has been reduced under the Obamcare is enough evidence that it would lead to the reduction of pain for all suffering citizens since they would be able to purchase the drugs. Obamacare also leads to the redu ction in pain and an increase in pleasure for the citizens as care for patients is organized in a way which enhances the care of the patient. The benefit which comes with increase healthcare in US is exceedingly than the problems and the side effects are sufficiently limited which justifies Obamacare on acts of utilitarian grounds. Obamacare is also morally right as it is from its improved quality that infections which would have been acquired from hospitals will be prevented. It will also lead to the prevention of chronic diseases accompanied by improved public health. Utilitarian’s would consider this as being morally right as it would increase the pleasure of people by living disease free lives. The Obamacare would also improve the citizen’s access to innovative therapies which will lead to pain reduction for people suffering diseases requiring therapies. Utilitarian’s also think that the Obamacare is morally wrong. Though coupled with many advantages which m ake many citizens happy, it reduces the level of happiness to some extent. For example, the Federal Government of US forced the millions of uninsured people to get insured. The business people were also forced into paying high taxes in order to fund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This simply indicates that this was against their will which may not make them too happy. The actions and polices by the act are to a certain extend wrong as the business people

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