Friday, August 9, 2019

Management government 4500 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Management government 4500 - Term Paper Example A technology battles against other technological designs to achieve dominance (Suarez, 2004). Notably, just like any other technology, genetic engineering technology experiences various battle milestones in different stages of a dominance battle to achieve dominance. Battles for dominance occur where two or more technologies apply in one firm within the same industry (Suarez, 2004). In this context, the outcome of the technological battle will determine the fate of genetic engineering technology and the success of the products of this technology. Each milestone marked the beginning of a new stage in the dominance battle where each stage had different dynamics that derived distinct factors associated with dominance (Suarez, 2004). Biologists achieved the first milestone in overcoming startup challenges while trying to introduce the technology for commercial purposes. This was in in the first stage of dominance battle that introduced the key characteristics of the technology. The secon d milestone was in the second stage that demonstrated the technical feasibility of the technology and related to the appearance of the ?rst working prototype (Suarez, 2004) of the GMO that warned other technologies. Moreover, the successful introduction of the first GMO for commercial purposes was another milestone in the dominance process though it was too expensive for the mass market. This was in the third stage that created the market for the technology. The fourth milestone related to establishment of GMOs as clear front-runner in a stage with several competitors in the dominance battle where this technology stood a chance of winning the battle (Suarez, 2004). Ultimately, the technology’s achievement of dominance marked the last milestone where the technology is now dominant in many industries as it occupies a significant market share (Suarez, 2004). This was in the last stage of dominance battle where genetic engineering technology emerged as a clear dominant technology in the market. Response 2 The organic food industry poses a relevant ethical dilemma on whether the benefits of developing and supplying GMOs supersede the future demerits that GMOs may pose for the environment, human beings, and the animal kingdom. To this effect, I recommend that the world addresses the possible adverse effects of using GMOs and seek to achieve global food security through sound scientific principles. Such a move would be consistent with the actor’s basic duties of seeking to achieve global food security. At the same time, this recommendation will respect the rights and other legitimate claims of the affected parties as it will ensure that human beings, the ecosystem, and animals are free from the adverse effects of GMOs and that animals and human beings are free from hunger. This recommendation is equally compatible with the scientists’ deep commitment of ensuring global food security without jeopardizing the future lives of the affected parties. R esponse 3 Based on Franco Malerba’s reading â€Å"Innovation and the dynamics and evolution of industries: progress and challenges,† I choose to describe how the structure and current state of emergence in the organic food industry affects competition and innovation. There have been various analyses on the relationship between innovation and the dynamics and evolution of industries, which includes the organic food

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