Thursday, October 3, 2019

Eveline & staying at her home Essay Example for Free

Eveline staying at her home Essay I agree with the decision made by Eveline of staying at her home. As a responsible lady with two young kids to take care of, Eveline should stay at home in order to ensure that the children needs are met. She has the responsibility of keeping the house together and making sure that her two younger siblings who were left under her charge by their late mother went to school and get their meals regularly. Furthermore, her father was no longer responsible to the family given that he used to squander his money, so she had to work extra harder to be able to provide food on the table for the family together with little support from Harry. Though it was a hard life, she had to honor her obligation and take good care of her siblings and family at large. There is no need for her to go given that she has a shelter and food together with a family to look after. At an age just above nineteen is promising for someone to marry. Eveline does not have to hurry in marriage in an attempt of looking for happiness, peace and respect. She has to consider both sides of the coin in that although there may be some sort of freedom, there are also bottlenecks found in marriage. In addition, she love her family more so her father whom she used to view at first as a threat because he has recently become old and thus harmless to her. Her father was sometimes very nice to her and he will miss her if she chose to go. Harry was her favorite brother and it will be painful for her to leave them. She had to work hard in the business where she used to earn seven shillings a week. If only she want to get married, she can wait a little longer till her two siblings are through with their schooling after which they can continue their love life with Frank. Consequently, Frank was a deck boy who has to move from one destination to another and this means that most of the time Eveline will be staying alone in their home if she would have chose to go. One does not solve a problem by running away. So there is no good for her to run away her employer just because they are not in good terms. She has to stay and face the situation in view of the fact that respect and happiness is a reflection of one’s perception. She can be happy at any place provided she chose to be happy and forget all hurts of the earlier periods. In terms of security, she was free from danger given that her father used to treat her as â€Å"mother of the house† and there was no way in which he could have hurt her. In a light shade, together with Harry they were able to support the family and her father used to give her money to make shopping every Saturdays for the family (James, n d). In conclusion, the way Frank was to marry her was not right. How is she supposed to leave her home without the consent of her family members? If at all they wanted to get married, they would have done it the right way of incorporating their parents. By so doing, they would have been free from guilt, shame and fear. If she would have left her home, her family would have been worried of her where about and the experience would have turned out to be fatal especially to her old father. Furthermore, her younger siblings who used to depend on her would have left school due to lack of care and food given the dad was a squander of money and not concerned strongly with family issues. In summary, Eveline move of staying is the best for it carries much benefit with it both to her and her vital role in the family. Works Cited James Joyce (n d) Eveline. Viewed on August 3 2010 from http://www. readprint. com/work-880/Eveline-James-Joyce

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