Friday, October 18, 2019

Oxford castle development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Oxford castle development - Assignment Example All parties must be aware of financial budgets, regulatory controls and legal constraints. All goals and needs of the clients must be met. Challenges may arise due to different interests of the project partners. Public sector bodies hold the interests of the local community [OCC, OC] and/or the site’s heritage [EH, OPT] as their main priority. Commercial businesses such as the TOP on the other hand, are profit driven. The needs of all parties must be balanced by the project manager in order to represent the interests of all clients. The land is owned by OCC and the site of Oxford Castle and the ancient county gaol is an ancient scheduled monument containing 14 listed buildings and structures (English Heritage, 2010a). The project manager must ensure that developers work within the strict heritage guidelines of EH for listed buildings and scheduled monuments (English Heritage, 2010b) and meet the requirements of the land owner [OCC] and other public bodies. Problems may also arise in making listed buildings accessible to the disabled when EH refurbishment regulations conflict with accessibility. Funding must be secured and the roles of financers securely defined to enable the procurement of resources and contractors. The project manager must oversee organization of the project workforce, serving tenders for contracts. Specialist contractors such as historic building surveyors will be necessary to meet public body regulations. The project manager may also oversee the securing of tenants for commercial properties. All development contractors and tenants must adhere to all relevant building restraints and regulations posed by public bodies. Manage the entire project planning from inception to finish. The project schedule, budget and any anticipated future needs, foreseeable obstacles and resultant project alternatives must be planned in the preliminary stages. Budget authorization cycles/finance release

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