Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Journey lewis and clark essays

Journey lewis and clark essays Lewis was a United States explorer and administrator. Lewis and William Clark led an expedition to explore uncharted lands in America from 1804 to 1806. They traveled several thousand miles from St. Louis to Pacific Ocean and back. Lewis was born near Charlottesville, Virginia. In 1794 he joined a local militia to put down the Whiskey Rebellion, after that he joined the regular army. He became President Thomas Jefferson's private secretary from 1801 to 1803. After the expedition, Jefferson appointed Lewis the governor of Louisiana Territory in 1807. Lewis died in 1809 from an unknown cause traveling to Washington on public business. Clark was a United States explorer. He was born in Caroline County, Virginia. His brother was George Rogers Clark. When William was 14, his family moved to the present site of Louisville, Kentucky. Clark saw military service in Indian Wars, and became a skilled frontiersman. In 1803 he was chosen by his friend, Captain Meriwether Lewis, As co-leader of the expedition to explored the uncharted Northwest. During the expedition, Clark was a mapmaker, artist, and astronomer for the expedition, and kept a Clark went on to serve as governor of Missouri Territory from 1813 to1820, and as federal superintendent of Indian affairs. He laid out the site of Paducah, Kentucky, in 1828. William Clark died in 1838. The expedition started May 14 1804, sent by President Thomas Jefferson to examine the resources of the far Northwest. The 8,000 mile journey was led by Louise and Clark. The expedition gave valuable information about the geography, climate, natural products, and plant and animal life in the area, and about customs, dress, and economy of the Indians. They discovered many new species of animals and plants of the area, some of them were grizzly bear and Cl ...

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