Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Interview an agency administrator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interview an agency administrator - Essay Example The case record in an agency has several purposes. One of the purposes is to provide information for quality improvement and evaluation of activities. It is also used for purposes of research as it provides a baseline for the research. The case record ensures transparency and accountability of the financial bodies of the agency. The content elements in the case record structure include the problem or diagnose including its cause. Another content element is the interventions which provide the way in which the problem is treated or solved. The outcome is the last content element in the case recording structure. It presents the progress of the case that is, whether it is fairing well or it is worse. Thus the structure is designed in that, the problem appears first followed by the intervention and lastly is the outcomes of the case. There are different purposes of content and structure in case recording. One of the purposes is to provide clear information about the client situation which is the problem. According to Kiser (2007), content and structure provide a clear flow of the assessment that was done on the client. They show the information about the services that are offered to the client hence accountability. They also provide details of case was implemented and also information about the end of the case.

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