Monday, September 9, 2019

Street Congestion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Street Congestion - Research Paper Example Apparently, Manhattan central business district is an example of a street that is facing street congestion. The congestion in this street is as a result of potholes. Apart from describing the problem, this paper will offer the best solution to the problem and the cost of solving the problem. More than 25,000 vehicles travel down the Manhattan central business district, and this number is increasing day by day (Feit and Feehan 32). With these many vehicles moving up and down the street of Manhattan central business district, the resultant effect is traffic congestion. However, the traffic congestion level highly depends on the capacity of the road ((Vanderbilt 54). Traffic congestion in Manhattan has occurred as a result of the modal split or the volume of traffic creating demand for space that is greater than the available road capacity on the street. With the existence of the problem, a solution has to be created. In response to the increased street congestion in Manhattan central business district, the first step towards solving this problem is having parking restrictions on the street. This can be achieved by increasing the non-monetary and monetary costs of parking on this street. However, free parking distorts the market in favor of car travel, worsening congestion. Apart from the introduction of parking restriction, the State can ensure that there are a park and ride facility. This facility will allow parking at a distance giving space for continuation by ride sharing. These facilities can be created on the metro stations along the streets. Providing travel choices can reduce street congestion in Manhattan central business district. Bicycling, public transportation, and walking can reduce the demand for peak-hour travel in cars that is the primary cause of dairy congestion in Manhattan central business district. Notably, around 45% of all

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