Friday, September 13, 2019

Providing an overview of an organizational position of human resources Essay

Providing an overview of an organizational position of human resources as a staff or support function - Essay Example Hernandez and OConnor (2010) argue that in many health care organizations, persons heading the HR normally report to the top executives. In small healthcare organizations there will be no second level of executive management and therefore the HR will report directly to the CEO. As a staff or support function, the HR facilitates the work, striving to obtain the overall effectiveness and efficiency. Staff operations supports and enhance the work of an organizations through making it possible to continue producing products or provision of services. Staff areas in a health care organization are HR, housekeeping, finance, and maintenance. None of these areas provide direct services to the patients, but if they are not performed, the patient will experience both losses in quality and inefficiencies. The primarily role of the staff or support is to maintain the organization’s service environment and capability, making the line operations to continue operating in an optimal manner. Human resource services of any healthcare entity are provided through acquisition of staffs by HR planning, effective recruitment and selection, development of the employees through training, organizational change and developments, and carrier developments. Additionally, HR motivates the employees through performance appraisals, job satisfaction, provision of good working environments, and reward systems. According to Shi (2007) HR services are provided through maintenance such as provision of benefits, working conditions and services that may commit employees to the organizations. HR may be an organization’s expert and official voice regarding personnel policies, compensation, and benefits, and many of the legalities concerning employments. Human resource managers working in a health care organizations therefore provide service, assistance, guidance, and whatever other services that may be deemed appropriate according to the needs of the

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