Sunday, September 8, 2019

Research Paper Prospectus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Research Paper Prospectus - Essay Example The major economic concepts to be used in this research include the use of IS-LM curve analysis and how the money supply affects different variables in the economy. Further, this research will also focus upon exploring as to how Fed has used different policy tools such as cutting discount rates, increasing liquidity through open market operations as well as other non-traditional tools. The overall expected outcomes of this research may suggest as to whether Fed has been able to exercise different monetary policy tools wisely or not and whether different steps taken have actually resulted into achievement of Fed’s objectives especially during current economic crisis. This book provides comprehensive coverage and explanation of macroeconomic topics including the one on monetary policy and role of Federal Reserve. The book is co-authored by current Federal Reserve Chairman and Nobel Prize Winner, Ben Bernanke. Chapters on money supply and Fed critically discuss the role of Fed, how it performs and how it interacts with the economy. The overall treatment of the topics, specially the role of money supply in IS-LM curve analysis has been well defined. Apart from this, book also focuses on the impact of money supply on the major economic variables such as inflation, growth and unemployment level. This reference is quite good for introductory treatment of important macroeconomics topics. This book offers elementary treatment of different macroeconomic topics. This reference is quite comprehensive however, in discussing different topics of monetary economics at undergraduate level. Further, this book offers a critical insight into the impact of economics on the individual as well as government level choices. As such this reference provides a critical view of how the steps taken by Fed are going to have an effect on the consumers as well as government. This book further discusses

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