Friday, September 27, 2019

Twitter in Diet Pepsi's Commercial Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Twitter in Diet Pepsi's Commercial - Essay Example It is then that she witnesses a lady drinking diet pepsi to refresh herself. The ad is meant specifically for both ladies and men but the emphasis is more on the ladies. This can be seen from the ad when ladies run away from the stall to see David Beckham. However on the other hand men are also targeted through this ad as in the very beginning the huge line at the diet pepsi stall consists of men too. Men and women of younger generation who tend to get tired and exhausted of the heat are targeted through this ad. Methods of reaching the audience The advertisement made by the brand is reaching out to the audience through different means. The use of celebrities is one way through which the brand is reaching out to the consumers. It is creating a value and character amongst the consumers by showing the characters of David Beckham and Sofia Vergara. Both of these celebrities are well known amongst the masses and hence the brand is showing value to the consumers. The consumers may choose the product because of the well known celebrities in some instances. The value created by the brand would be most useful when settling in for the audience as many people try products because of these celebrities. People who are interested in sports would definitely try the drink because of David Beckham. Women have been specifically targeted by the brand by using logic as women are diet conscious (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). The ad shows Sofia Vergara and other women with a nice body which helps to promote the product. The ad is basically targeting women who want to be fit and are diet conscious. The ad also has some humour in it which attracts the audience through emotions. The audience may get attracted to the humour and urge shown in the ad to get Pepsi. Sofia Vergara uses her techniques to split the line so that she can go and buy Pepsi. In other words the ad urges the audience to drink diet pepsi so that they can check the taste for themselves. Effectiveness of the Ad The ad can be quite effective in reaching out to the audience because of the different methods that it has incorporated into it. Women and people who are exhausted are targeted by the brand and the advertisement quite successfully does that. The advertisement shows that the drink is quite refreshing and one might use different skills to reach out the product. The celebrity uses logic so that she can buy the drink and hence the ad effectively produces a need amongst the audience which needs to be refreshed (Dehlin et al., 2010). Improvements   The ad incorporates several ideas of marketing but it does lack out to reach a larger audience. The ad could be used in a different way so that a broader audience was targeted. Children have not been specifically targeted by the brand and this idea could have been incorporated into the ad. A celebrity which is loved by the younger generation could be used in the ad so that the children ran over to the celebrity. Exhausted children could also be include d in the ad so that children were also made an audience in the ad. Men are shown in the ad but they are not specifically targeted upon and the brand could use methods to include them in the ad. Men could have been shown running for a female celebrity which was supposedly on the pier along with David Beckham. Conclusion The ad done by the brand is endorsed by celebrities and this can help to target a specific audience. Diet Pepsi is not only meant for women but is also meant to be for men so

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