Friday, September 6, 2019

Leadership Essay Example for Free

Leadership Essay 1.Leadership as a process, is the use of no coercive influence to shape the group’s or organization’s goals, motivate behavior toward the achievement of those goals, and help define group or organizational culture; as a property, the set of characteristics attributed to individuals who are perceived to be leaders. 2.General Mandible is not a leader because he does not motivate the ants to achieve the colony’s goal, unless the goal was for all the ants to drown and die. He leaves all the ants to drown at the end of the movie. Leaders stick with the team all the way and do not try to kill their own team. 3.Zee is a leader because in a crises moment he does not get scared. At the end of the movie when all the ants are about to drown, he motivates all of them to build a ladder to the top, and his plan ends up saving all the ants. He is able to use nonaggressive force to motivate the ants. 4.The quote â€Å"Individualism makes us vulnerable† applies to ants where one ant alone is weak and small and can’t do much, but all the ants together can do anything. Like it takes all the ants to make the ladder at the end of the movie saving them from drowning, it is crucial to their survival that they stick together. This mostly applies everywhere, being in a team is better than being alone. 5.The Power Position is the physical position in the room for a business meeting, which supposedly has the most power. The leader in this position where he can see all entrances to the room and no activity is going on behind him. Three types of position power are: Legitimate Power- Power granted through the organizational hierarchy; it is the power defined by the organization that is to be accorded people occupying particular positions. Reward Power- The power to give or withhold rewards, such as salary increases, bonuses, promotions, praise, recognition, and interesting job assignments. Coercive Power- The power to force compliance by means of psychological, emotional, or physical threat. 6.A scene from the movie that illustrates the use of position power is when General Mandible is discussing about the colony with the Queen and the Queen tell him he can do whatever he likes because she trusts him that he will do everything for the good of the colony. She has legitimate power granted through the hierarchy, but then the General abuses his power and the works start to work hard because they don’t want to deal with the General because he uses Coercive Power. 7.Personal power is the power that comes from within to influence other it has nothing to do with the persons position. Two types of personal power are: Referent Power- The personal power that accrues to someone based on identification, imitation, loyalty or charisma. Expert Power- The person

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