Thursday, September 12, 2019

Your own contemporary utopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Your own contemporary utopia - Essay Example A principal aspect of many Utopias is peacefulness. This implies that there is zero tolerance for violence on the part of the community members. Alternatively, members of a utopian community may result to policies of diplomacy thus treating other societal members with utmost courtesy. This requirement of peaceful coexistence may even encompass living things other than humans. For instance, one of the most renowned imaginary ideal communities, Platos Republic, bears the description of a peaceful community irrespective of its relatively rigid economic equality and social classes supposed to uphold state functions (Grube and Reeve 41-49). Fictional ideal communities serve the purpose of criticizing prevailing societal issues. In the case of Ashram West, the teachings are not any different since they are based on customary Hindu Tantra and Vedanta philosophy. These teachings foster integration of all life factors with spirituality, inclusive of sexuality. Vedanta philosophy also teaches that nature is divine, pure, and perfect, while Hindu Tantra develops additional awareness of an individual’s divine self. Additionally, Ashram West community guards against gay stereotyping, as is evident from giving refuge to gay people. The ideal utopian society according to Ashram West (n.pag) advocates for reverence, equality, and knowledge. Knowledge refers to the information acquired by individuals and utilized to enhance awareness and comprehension of issues. On the other hand, reverence alludes to the respect accorded to highly esteemed individuals or beliefs. Finally equality refers to the same level ranking of all individuals irrespective of their conditions or status in the society. These three aspects constitute other fundamental grounds upon which a utopian society prevails. These aspects are also evident in Ashram West’s case, since even

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